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Unlocking the Bible Code

The Bible Code: 7. G is for Government: Who do you obey?

The Bible has numerous examples of individuals standing up against their governing authorities. Moses, Daniel, Shadrach, Meshach, Abednego, Esther, Peter, John. Jesus too. But the Scriptures also instruct believers to submit to authorities. So when should we choose which path to take? When do we act as revolutionaries, and when as model citizens? This session […]

The Bible Code: 6. F is for Family: What’s heaven like?

At some point in life, everyone thinks about what happens after life. The body’s eventual decline leads every person (and culture) to eventually considering what might come next. Different cultures call Heaven different names, but the Christian concept is often blurred by images of clouds, harps, mansions, and winged people singing worship songs all day […]