Growing upward, inward & outward

Stand Alone Messages

New Beginnings and Vulnerability

In a message for the new year Nat addresses the fact that while we humans don’t want to be uncomfortable and we want a quick fix, we want what is easy, to any uncomfortable feelings there is no simple solution to the human condition.  We all have to go through “the long dark teatime of the soul”.

Medicinal Mercy

Jesus said, “The merciful will be shown mercy.” In this message we consider what that means in a very real and biological way. Could being merciful and forgiving actually be good for our health? Join us as Graham explores the what, why, and how of mercy, and this statement of Jesus that sounds a little […]

When Troubles Rise and Antlers Lower

The Book of Proverbs provides wisdom on how to live through traumatic times. It describes three personality types in times of conflict; the peace-maker (the wise), the peace-faker (the foolish), and the peace-breaker (the wicked). Join us as we unpack this wisdom for our own times.

A Light in the Darkness

Sit back and listen to the story of a shining light that showed up through the ages and ended up right where you’re sitting. If you’ve ever faced a funeral, a financial strain, a relationship breakdown, or any dark time; the shining in this story, can now be found in you.