Growing upward, inward & outward

Finding Refreshment

Finding yourself parched when everything around you screams refreshment is a predicament not felt in the 21st Century alone. Hayden takes us through Psalm 42 & 43 to discover the hope we can have in our darkest moments and how we can survive our situations regardless whether we survive at all.

The Sledge Hammer of Grace

Mining truths from the history of Crete and the Book of Titus, we explore how grace can work as a sledge hammer against the walls of legalism that trap us. Three common traps of legalism are Defeat, Defectiveness, and Disregard. Join us as we consider the power grace has to set people free.

The Anxiety Cycle (Resurrection Sunday)

The days between the cross and the empty tomb were filled with anxiety for the disciples, and their stress response followed the same pattern it still does when we’re facing the unknown. But something happened on Sunday that altered their course. If your course also needs some adjusting, join us as we investigate the difference […]