Growing upward, inward & outward

Welcome to Chancellor Park!

Church at Chancellor is different from what many expect. We offer a relaxed Sunday service that’s short and to the point, creative and fun, and addresses people’s everyday needs with Biblical wisdom. So if you’ve ever suspected that church is either dry and dull, or weird and wacky, come along and find something different. It’s the sort of place anyone from any background can come to and feel at home. We don’t talk Christianese, nor do we come because we’ve got it all together. We come because we don’t. So we look to God for strength, to the Scriptures for guidance, and to one another for support.

Here is some Q&As for you:

Pastors:  Graham Kell and Nat Stafford

When:  Sunday Service at 9:30 AM

Location: a Community Hall at the end of  Scholar’s Way, Chancellor Park, QLD

If you are visiting the area feel free to drop in and stay for a cuppa.
If you are looking for a home church you are very welcome.

Please feel welcome to look about our website for more information about our history, our team, our Statement of Faith and our ministries.

God Bless,