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John Dickson: Better With or Without Christianity

Better With or Without Christianity? Has Christianity done more harm than good? A Public Talk by Minister and Historian John Dickson.

It has been said that Christianity has been the cause of a multitude of problems in society from wars to gender inequality. Come for a night out to hear from Historian and Minister John Dickson about whether Christianity has done more harm than good for the world.

Cost: Suggested $10 donation at the door if able, but the event is open and free for all to come(Supper is provided for all).

Information about the Speaker: John started out as a singer-songwriter, but he now works as a writer, speaker, historian of religion (focusing on early Christianity and Judaism), media presenter, Anglican minister and founding director of a multi-media think-tank (CPX – Centre for Public Christianity). John wrote his first book in 1993 and has since published more than a dozen titles. He writes regularly for mainstream outlets and appears in the media promoting ‘thoughtful Christianity.’ He has also presented two historical documentaries which were shown on commercial television: The Christ Files and Life of Jesus. John focuses on the big ideas that have shaped our world. He is committed to delivering creative, engaging content grounded in careful thought. He lives with his wife and three children on Sydney’s North Shore.

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Organisations promoted on the evening include Mt Tamborine Convention Centre, and Australian Fellowship of Evangelical Students.

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